Looking for RFID, BLE, Barcoding & QR coding of Fixed Assets?

We can help you manage your asset efficiently and profitably with our SaaS software and services.

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- 01 analyze

We understand your business goals and objectives. Recommend solutions based on your requirements.

- 02 plan

We plan the engagement based on your business requirements, making the asset management reliable over a period of time.

- 03 implement

Implement the solution, with a followup and hand holding after the asset verification and tagging have been carried out.

Create FAR

Asset Tracking Software helps businesses to create and build a comprehensive fixed asset register.

fixed asset register

Asset Tags and Labels

Ensure accurate tagging and identification of equipments with Barcodes, QR codes, RFID tags, and etc.

fixed asset tagging

Manage Breakdowns

Report breakdowns and manage the health of your critical assets on real-time basis with a Check-in/Check-out system.

manage breakdowns

Schedule Asset Maintenance

Carry out planned maintenance and preventative maintenance, manage AMC vendors.

manage maintenance

Asset Verification

Now manage physical asset verifications with least turnaround times and at the lowest cost.

asset verification

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Speak to us to find out how a fixed asset management software can help you and what we can do for you.

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Introducing ASSETCOMPLY a cloud-based fixed asset management software.

Our full scope services go beyond asset tagging & verification.

Fixed Asset Tagging

Tagging your fixed assets can help you identify your assets, account for asset spread across geographies or various locations.

Fixed Asset Verification

We could offer both tagging and fixed asset verification for wide range of industries and applications.

Explore how we can help you manage a mammoth amount of fixed assets tagging in your organization.



Less effort, more efficiency.

No matter the type of organization

assetcomply can manage your fixed assets effortlessly

Business impact created

Companies both large and small, in every part of the world are using assetcomply to streamline fixed assets and reduce operational costs as they scale.


Our cloud-based asset tagging software utilizes cloud computing technology to manage and track physical assets within an organization. The software provides a centralized database of assets and enables users to attach unique tags or labels to each asset, allowing for quick and easy identification and tracking.

Cloud based

Access, track, manage assets across the locations

Multiple locations

Manage assets across locations

Multiple users

Assign verification, track breakdown & more

App enabled

App available on play store and app store