Fixed Asset Tagging & Verification Services

With competition growing and access to technology becoming easier, companies are scaling up and striving to become competitive. Whether it be manufacturing, retail or eCommerce, hospitals or hospitality, scaling up is becoming vital.

As you scale, managing assets, inventory and their movement becomes complex. Our services are designed to help you manage your fixed assets. From capitalization of fixed assets, preparation of FAR to periodic verification and retirement of assets. We go a step beyond, with capability to perform fixed asset valuation.

Asset Tagging

Fixed asset tagging or asset tagging usually refers to affixing an identification tag on an asset belonging to an organization. Companies keep a record of all their assets in the form of fixed asset register and with asset tagging, the

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Asset Verification

Physical verification of assets is a process conducted to ensure that the assets of an entity actually exist. It is vital for every business to carry out this process at suitable intervals, preferably once every year. Our approach to physical

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Steps & Benefits of Asset Management

Physical verification of fixed assets
Fixed Asset Register (FAR) construction
Fixed Asset Tagging
Componentization of assets
Reconciliation of fixed asset register records
Determination of “ghost assets”

Asset Management & Compliance

When you implement asset management system, not only does it simply and digitalize asset management, but it makes you meet the compliance requirements around asset management much simpler.

Compliance with accounting standards IAS 16 and AASB116 Property, Plant and Equipment
Companies Auditor Report Order (CARO) compliance
Asset Retirement Obligation (ARO) Compliance
Fair Valuation of Property, Plant & Equipment
Inventory verification