Barcode Asset Tagging & Tracking System

An asset tracking system developed with barcode-based tags is referred to as barcode-based asset tagging and tracking system. Barcodes are the oldest and most conventional tagging technology used for asset and inventory tagging and tracking.


Benefits of Barcode Tags for Asset Tagging & Tracking:

1. Barcode tags have least amount of information
2. Barcode tag usually carry asset ID
3. Our software ASSETCOMPLY has an in-built free online barcode generator
4. ASSETCOMPLY app has free barcode scanner for premium customers
5. Barcode tags are simple to generate and print


Barcode Tag Materials:

We provide barcode tag printings and supply printed barcode tags to our clients on varied materials, including:

1. Adhesive Paper
2. Adhesive Aluminum Tags
3. Aluminum tags with holes
4. Steel Tags
5. UVD Tags
6. Poly Carbonate Tags
7. No tear-able tags
8. Tamper-proof tags

We can provide custom designed barcode printing of tags on any material of your choice, contact us to find out the pricing. Please keep the dimensions, thickness, and material details handy to get pricing of tags.

How are we different?

We recommend and use ASSETCOMPLY fixed asset management software, which can accomplish the task in the following three steps.

1. Asset Register
Create an updated fixed asset register with help of invoices.

Fixed Asset Register

2. Asset Tagging
Tagging your assets with QR code, barcodes, RFID.

Asset Tagging

3. Asset Verification
Carry out physical verification of assets with mobile apps or scanners.

Asset Verification