QR code plaques by Dubai Tourism

Dubai has started a new initiative that would help the tourists to guide themselves with multimedia dimensions. The Dubai Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing has launched QR code plaques in all famous tourist destinations across the city.

The multimedia dimensions through the QR code scanning would allow the tourists to discover more about the city’s culture and beauty. The QR code plaques are digital barcodes that tourists can scan through their smartphones. These barcodes will divert visitors to some websites to get more information about each location through videos and images.

This project comes under Dudai’s Smart City program the aim of which is to provide seamless and hassle-free city experience. This digital service is expected to be used by almost every tourist due to its ease of operation and availability. The QR plaques will help the city to reduce the printed tour guidebooks and will redirect the tourists to their point of interest. Dubai’s tourism board has made available these QR codes across several locations of the city including Naif Souk, Spice Souk, Sheikh Mohammad Centre and Ski Dubai. Learn More about the several tourist destinations in Dubai that have become the hub of global tourists.

Dubai’s tourism industry is continuously bringing evolution due to advancements in technology. The city is using every aspect of technology to enhance the number of international visits. Currently, Dubai’s agenda is to promote the tourist destinations on digital, mobile and social media platforms.

The new QR code Plaques will not only increase the tourists in the city but also enhance their experience with the city.

QR code plaques by Dubai Tourism
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