QR codes to track trash

Bangalore City plans to give each house a QR code so that the garbage contractor can scan it to record that garbage has been collected.

Why is the garbage piling up on streets? According to residents of the city, garbage collectors don’t come to collect garbage while garbage contractors say that residents don’t come out of their houses to hand over the garbage.

To put an end to this blame game, the Bruhat Bangalore Mahangara Palike (BBMP) seems to have finally found an answer. A customised Quick Response (QR) code. The civic agency which is facing fire from all corners for poor waste management has now decided to digitise the entire process. It plans to install QR codes for each household.

So, how will QR code work?

The garbage contractor will be provided with a QR code reader. So, once the waste is collected, the supervisor will scan the QR code against each house which will automatically create a digital record of the house from where waste is collected and those houses from where waste is not collected.

Going Forward

However, the BBMP doesn’t want to limit the QR code just for garbage collection. BBMP is considering the use of QR code for property digitisation too. This means that once they scan the code, they can get the entire history of the household.

Recently, BBMP has begun publishing the names of those properties which have defaulted in paying tax. It is also issuing warrants to owners who have failed to pay property tax.

But the QR code implementation in all houses can be a big challenge. Officials said that BBMP will digitise the data and with this, it will generate a unique QR Code for each house and this will be pasted on doors.

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Source: Bangalore Times
QR codes to track trash